Protect, Detect & Report

Protect yourself from Medicare errors, fraud, and abuse. Learn to detect potential errors, fraud and abuse. If you suspect that you have been a target of errors, fraud, and abuse, report it.

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Partners: You Can Make a Difference!

The SMP program provides an opportunity for citizens to step up and make an impact in the fight against fraud. Nationally, some 4,500 SMP volunteers, most of whom are Medicare beneficiaries, donate their time to teach...

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You Lost a Chunk of Change Last Year...... Billions in Fact!

Approximately $60 billion is lost annually to health care fraud, waste, and abuse. Fraud costs the Medicare Program millions of dollars every year, and we all end up paying for fraud with higher...

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Request SMP Presentation

The SMP Program provides trained volunteers and staff to act as liaisons in the community by empowering caregivers and older adults to identify, prevent, and report health care fraud. To request an SMP presentation, call 1-800-938-8885.

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