Current Volunteers

Dear Volunteers,

The Virginia SMP program is thrilled to have you as part of our SMP Volunteer Team!  Your efforts count!

Since 1997 more than 25.3 million people have been reached during community education events, more than 3 million beneficiaries have been educated, and more than 24,400 volunteers have been active. (source:

In 2010, 4,964 active volunteers helped prevent fraud, waste, and abuse in the Medicare and Medicaid system; and you are part of the national program that will certainly reach the 5,000+ mark in volunteer numbers for 2011.

You enrich our work experience here at the Virginia SMP office.  Thank you for sharing your time, your creative ideas, and your expertise with the volunteer program. We hope you will continue to support the campaign to assist Medicare beneficiaries and caregivers prevent Medicare fraud and abuse for a long time to come!


Wanda Trexler, Virginia SMP Volunteer Coordinator Marly Flores, Virginia SMP Program Director

You can find resources and information in this link.

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