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Join the Virginia SMP volunteer program and assist the SMP staff and the local area agencies on aging with community outreach and education  activities throughout the state.

SMP Volunteers in Virginia raise awareness about Medicare fraud, abuse, and error to caregivers and seniors by:

  1. Distributing information in the community (Community Advocate)
    Community Advocate Role Description (PDF)
  2. Making presentations to selected groups in the community (Community Educator)
    Community Educator Role Description (PDF)

Volunteers have the opportunity to gain knowledge about Medicare benefits and current scams, help others prevent and detect fraud and abuse, and protect taxpayer dollars.

In Virginia, SMP Volunteer candidates must:

  • Have an interest in assisting with the identification, prevention, and reporting of Medicare fraud and abuse
  • Not be affiliated with a Medicare/Medicaid provider
  • Not be an active, licensed insurance agent
  • Provide references
  • Complete SMP Volunteer orientation and training appropriate to the volunteer position
  • Be willing to commit to a given amount of time to complete duties.

While senior citizens are encouraged to volunteer, anyone 18 and over with an interest in the program is invited to help out.

For more information or to request a volunteer application, please contact the SMP Volunteer Coordinator, Wanda Trexler at wtrexler@thev4a.org or 804-565-1603, or  SMP Volunteer Application.  (Microsoft Word document).

Instructions to open the Volunteer Application

  1. Once you click on the “access an application here” link, you will be prompted to Open or Save the file.
  2. Please Open the Word file “SMP Volunteer Application.”
  3. Fill out the the Application form.
  4. If you want to submit your application by email, please send an email to Wanda Trexler  at wtrexler@thev4a.org  and attach your application.
  5. If you prefer to send your application by mail, please print it and send it to:

Virginia SMP
Volunteer Coordinator
Virginia Association of Area Agencies on Aging
24 East Cary Street, Suite 100
Richmond, Virginia 23219

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